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Trail Running & Sky Running are a real sport phenomenon in Madeira due to the amazing number of people that since 2012 started practicing those sports. Madeira Island due to its natural relief, amazing weather (also in winter time) and it's beautiful Laurissilva Forest is for sure a paradise for the practice of nature sports (in particularly trail running).


Trail Running Circuit (Oficial Competition) / Madeira Trail

After a initial time when this sport was still quite unknown, in order to give some structured competition to the individuals events on the island, the organizations of the main events decided to combine their efforts and set up a local "championship" called "Circuito Trail Running da Madeira". This competition was the first "offical" championship in the region, deciding in the end of the season the Region Trail Running Champion. The "Circuito Trail Running da Madeira" was organized by the Associação Desportiva do Capanário,  ADC Jardim da Serra/ACR Estreito, Clube Aventura Madeira, Clube Montanha do Funchal, Ludens Clube de Machico and Junta de Freguesia do Porto da Cruz.

Since the 2015/2016 season, the "Associação de Atletismo da Madeira" was set as responsible for all Trail Running competitions in the region and from that point the old Trail Running Circuit was replaced for a new competition named Madeira Trail.

Nowadays there is easily more than 400 trailers in any Trail Running or Sky Running event and we are seeing new promising athletes appearing.  


Anual Calendar Races

In the Madeira Island there is two main big events of Trail/Sky Running, that are already international references, the Madeira Island Ultra Trail (crossing of the island since Porto Moniz until Machico) and the Ultra Skymarathon (at Santana, between the sea level until the highest peak of the island - the Pico Ruivo). There is also a third event - the Trail Porto da Cruz Natura - that since 2016 makes part of the National Championship of Ultra Trail Running (by the ATRP - "Associação Trail Running de Portugal) 

Trail Porto da Cruz Natura
Madeira Island Ultra Trail
Ultra SkyMarathon Santana

During the year other events are organized in several parts of the island. Check here the full calendar of Trail and Sky Running in Madeira 20016.


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