See here the last photos, videos and reports about the last event of Trail Running and Sky Running in the Madeira Island

Get all information about the main events like the Madeira Island Ultra Trail, Santana Ultra Skymarathon, all events of the local Championship - Madeira Trail / Circuito de Trail Running da Madeira - as well as all other events related to Trail and Sky Running.


Madeira Trail Running Circuit / Madeira Trail

Since 2015/2016 the official Regional Trail Running Championship is coordinated/managed by the local "Associação de Atletismo da Madeira", that created a calendar that integrates for the current season has 11 events.

Here is the list of events/races that are part of this competition - Madeira Trail 2016/2017:

Trail de Câmara de Lobos

Trail Nocturno Pela Vida

Trail de Boa Ventura

Ultra Trail de Porto Moniz

Ultra Trail Porto Santo

Trail Ludens Clube de Machico

Trail "De Coração na Natureza" 

Trail do Cristo Rei

Trail de Água de Pena

Trail do Porto da Cruz Natura

Trail Água de Pena

Ultra Madeira - Regional Championship

Here are some extra information about the Madeira Trail 2016/2017:

Regulation -  Trail Madeira 2016/2017

Results -  Trail Madeira 2016/2017


Full Events Calendar:

In Madeira there are about 15 to 20 events related to Trail and Sky Running around the year, check the full calendar here:

Trail and Sky Running in Madeira 2017