The MIUT® (Madeira Island Ultra Trail) is definitely on the map of the greatest trail running events in the world! The 8th edition, first integrated on the Ultra Trail World Tour, was a real demonstration of quality and capacity from the organization (Clube Montanha do Funchal) that set up an unparalleled event, for sure the biggest sport event in the Madeira Island, and the biggest trail running event in Portugal.

In terms of competitiveness the MIUT®2016 presented us with the best ever list of athletes in one race in Portugal. Names like Tofol Castanyer, Zach Miller, Miguel Heras, Iker Karrera, Jordi Bes, Antoine Guillon, Sébastien Camus, Christophe Le Saux, Luís Fernandes, Armando Teixeira, Caroline Chaverot, Andrea Huser, Juliette Blanchet, Ester Alves… 

The main event (MIUT 115km) started with a amazing and unexpected fast rhythm, with the american Zach Miller always pushing in front of the peloton, in fact he led the race from start to the finnish line, with a final lead of 20 minuter over the spanish Tofol Castanyer, Sébastian Camus was 3th at 26minutes of Zach. In special evidence was also Luis Fernandes, a local athlete winner of the last edition, that always tried to keep up with the fastest men on the race, finishing as best Portuguese in a great 7th place overall. On the women's competition Caroline Chaverot was the uncontested winner, finishing with a fantastic 8th place overall and a great lead from the 2nd, Andrea Huser, and 3th Emilie Lecomte.  

The Ultra Race (85km) was also very competitive with the final victory for Damien Douvry, followed by Gerald Bauer and Luis Fernandes (Trilhos dos Tempelários). Magali Gigon won the women´s competition folowed by Aoife Quigly and Sylvie Quittot.

The Marathon race (43km), the one with more competitors, generally dominated by the local athletes, was led until de 30km by Marco Silva who had a comfortable advantage until the point he had to quit the race (due to a small injury) that was very smartly availed by Francisco Freitas, that had made his race in his on pace, managing very well all his principal opponents. Nelson Graça was second and Fernando Gomes third. In the women´s the victory went to Amandine Ferranto, with Nadège Vignand in second and Carla Leite tirth.

Porto da Cruz received the start of the Mini race (16km), that had Jorge Pimenta was winner, followed by Vitor Rodrigues and Paulo Aguiar (all local athletes). Ida Tjørsvaag won comfortably in the women´s competion with Vera Pinto in second and Elsa Freitas tirth. 

Follow this link to see the final classification of all races MIUT®2016 Final Classification


Videos of Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2016

Highlights Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2016:

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Praia de Larano - Mini

Marathon 43km:

Video the ULTRA 85km (José Manuel Tiago):

All arrivals to the finnish line of the MIUT 2016 (all races):

Video from Thomas prud'homme great images of the first athletes of the MIUT®

MIUT® 2016 inside:

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Start of MIUT 115km (Porto Moniz)

Fanal - MIUT

São Vicente  - ULTRA

Encumeada - MIUT e ULTRA

Partida, Curral das Freiras, Torrinhas - MIUT e ULTRA: 

Pico Arieiro - MIUT e ULTRA

Pico Arieiro - Marathon and other races

Chão da Lagoa and Arieiro - Marathon and first athletes of Ultra and MIUT:

Ribeiro-Frio - Marathon and first athletes of Ultra and MIUT

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