The III Trail Porto da Cruz Natura was a real party for trail running lovers! The little vila of Porto da Cruz filled up not only with the athletes but also with lots of people cheering up the race participants. 

This event being part of the Ultra Trail Running National Championship, had some athletes from the mainland, some competing for the first time in the madeira island. The race was dominated by those athletes in particularly by one team - EDV Viana Trail.

In terms of final classifications, the unchallenged winner was Ricardo Silva (EDV Viana Trail) with the amazing time of 4:59:08, Pedro Rodrigues (EDV Viana Trail) was second 05:20:25 and Ruiz Luz (AMCF - Arrábida Trail Team) third with 05:23:18. On the woman´s competition Cristina Couceiro (ASRM - Associação Recreativa de São Miguel) was the winner with 06:36:33, the local Luísa Viveiros (ADRAP) second with 07:15:24 and Sónia TUbal (Monsanto Running Team) third with 07:36:37.  

The Porto da Cruz Trail was considered by all as very hard but with a amazing course, it was a real challenge for those that started and finished the complete route around the Porto da Cruz council borders in less than 12 hours.  All the athletes that crossed the finnish line did it under the time limit, the last one did it in 11h49.  

Some local athletes did a brilliant race in particularly Virgílio Ornelas (5th overall) and Luís Viveiros (2nd in the woman's competitions) that where all along the race in the dispute for the first places.

Parallel to the main event there were two other races, the Long Trail of 22km, won by the favorite Flavio Remesso (ADRAP) with 1:55:10 and Fabiana Gonçalves (Grupo Desportivo Garachico) with the time 2:42:38. The Short Trail was won by Américo Caldeira (Clube de Atletismo do Funchal) 0:44:51 and Camila João (ACD Jardim da Serra) with 01:00:10.

Here is the external link to the final classifications:

Ultra Trail Porto da Cruz Natura:

Trail Lonfo Porto da Cruz Natura:

Trail Curto Porto da Cruz Natura:

Image Galleries of the Trail Porto da Cruz Natura 

Helloguidemadeira -  45km and 22km

helloguidemadeira - 22km and start of 10km and first arrivals

helloguidemadeira - Arrivals 

Aurélio David I - 45km, 22km, 10km and first arrivals 

Aurélio David II -  Arrivals and awards 

III Trail Porto da Cruz Natura 2016 Part I and II (Carmo Almeida) - 22km, Portela e Arrivals.

Sílvio Silva -  Arrivals to the Vila

A L Fotos - Portela 

Vítor Freitas - Penha dÁguia de cima - 45km 

Album do Sr. Melim - Cabo de Larano 

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Video of the start 10km

Víideo of the start 22km

RTP Madeira:

Video from Silvio Cro:

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