Since 2012 Trail Running and Sky Running gains a unusual dimension on Madeira, and from day to day we see more and more athletes training and obtaining relevant results in races not only locally but also internationally.   We can now say that Trail Running is one of the sports that more people practice on the region.

On this section we will give information about the most known madeiran athletes, with a short description, history and characteristics.

As it is difficult to describe every single one of all great trail running athletes of the Madeira Island, we select only the ones that already won more than one main events of a Trail/Sky Running Competition on the island or obtain a very relevant result on a national/international event. 

Showing the potential of the Madeiran Athletes is the fact that we have three atletes considered by the national IPDJ - Instituto Português Do Desporto e Juventude, I. P., as High Performance Athletes, in the case the athletes Leonardo Diogo (for the second time), Luís Fernandes and Manuel Faria.